Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what have we been up to? and the C4C conference! (a little late:)

Thought that I would start this post off with a picture of some of the cutest, yummiest feet we have ever seen!!!  Cannot wait to see them in person!
So, my last post was about our referral call - what an incredible day that was!!!  Still floating after that - and with all the pictures that we are being blessed with from families traveling to Hannah's Hope (our agencys home in Addis Ababa).  Our little one is flourishing under the care of her "special mothers" and is getting bigger and looking healthier!  We continue to wait on the phone to ring - yes, again - for the news that we have a court date.  Then we can make travel plans, buy plane tickets, etc.  In the mean time - this momma may have been doing a little shopping - bottles (new for us:), a few cute outfits, etc.  And I have been relishing the time that I spend with my monkeys.  For instance - this morning before the bus, and drop off, and all the craziness that is our life, the boys and I had breakfast together.  and they learned how to really eat lucky charms:)  of course, you have to pick out all the marshmallows, eat the cereal with tons of milk, and then put the marshmallows in the milk and eat them - I cannot imagine what their teachers had to deal with today because this momma was on a HUGE sugar high!  Between the lucky charms and the ethiopian coffee that Gini brought us from their first trip - I was definitely awake this morning:)

Okay, that is what is happening here.  Hopefully I will post soon with our court date!  WE are praying for a miraculous date - one very soon!!!!  He can move the mountains - He is mighty!!!
Also - I leave you with a few pictures from the incredible conference that I was able to go to the first weekend of February.  To be with 250 other mommas who "got me" was beyond amazing!!!!  Gini and I flew into Atlanta on Friday, spent a little time with my Kim (never enough time unless we lived next door to each other:), and then stayed at the legacy inn and resort for two nights.  I was able to meet soooo many moms from our agency, some that I have been following since 12/09!!!  What a blessing to be able to share stories, be encouraged, and be with  so many other women who "get me"!!!!  Cannot wait for next year!!  (hint, hint, Andrea:) 

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Alison said...

Loved getting to meet you at C4C, Becca! And I can't wait to hear the good news of your court date! Love those precious little feet! :)