Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here in Virginia

Just thought that I would post an update since it has been awhile since I have been on here. The kids and I drove down to Virginia last Monday to spend 10 days at my parents house in Richmond. Yes, I am probably crazy to drive 7 hours alone with my three kiddos through NYC, Jersey, Baltimore, and Washington, but I LOVE city driving and it is sooooo worth it! We arrived Monday afternoon and have been going ever since. My twin sis - Liz - and her two boys drove up from NC on Tuesday and we had three fun days of watching the cousins play together. Earlier in the season my parents bought us all season passes to Kings Dominion (which is an amusement park with a huge water park attached to it) and we have been there every day! As a mom - I love being able to go when I want, ride a few rides, lay in the lazy river, and then leave - instead of trying to cram all the rides and water slides in one day, standing in line forever with three kids:)!!! My parents also belong to the childrens museum of richmond, and between that, the free summer bolwing that Richmond offers and the free movies at Regal cinemas - we have had so much fun!!! HAve I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the South!!!!? I would love to one day call it home again, but for now, we love to enjoy summers here with Grandma and Grandpa. Oh, and I know that pictures would be nice, and I thought about bringing the camera - but really? Three kiddos at an amusement park and a camera? I can barely keep my head attached, much less remember to take pics:). Hopefully one of these days Eric will be able to come with us, and then he can go on all of the headache inducing rides while I can take the pictures!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

June Numbers

May was a slow month in referral land, as the new two trip policy is starting up and everyone is making adjustments. But we did move a few spots, and our unofficial number is probably 2 lower than our official number because two referrals went out this week and had not been "officially" accepted when we received our new number. Confusing? yep - you should see how I pour over the unofficial list and try to figure everything out:). So our May number was 35 and our June number is.....31 (but really 29!!!) Keep waiting, little girl - we are getting closer to you!!!