Friday, May 20, 2011

Home for a bit

 at our hotel waiting for the shuttle to take us to Laguardia

 on our plane to Addis!!
 in the bus going to Hannah's Hope to meet our daughter
 our plane
 street view of Addis
 in the lobby of the Riviera
 me and Chantel:)  Loved meeting 10!! other families from our agency

 holding my sleeping daughter

 our room at the hotel
 She loved the teething necklace and bracelets that I bought
 her crib at Hannah's Hope
 Daddy holding his sleeping princess

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


oh yes- we are finally in the single digits!!!  only 9 more days until we are on a plane:)  The packing has begun - the donation bins are full!  I am making lists for my parents, and writing letters to the monkeys for every day that we are gone (21 letters, whew!).  Please pray that the MOWA letter is there when we appear in court on Tuesday, the 17th, and that the judge will say the words "she is yours!".