Monday, September 20, 2010

catching you all up!

Okay, let's be honest - it really has been forever (or at least two months).  I knew that when I started this blog that I would have this problem - thinking of things to blog about.  Now, if you know me at all, you know that I can always think of something to say:).  but writing has always been hard for me.  Anyways - I have obviously had a bit of a writing "drought" lately, which I am trying to overcome.
The last two months have been full of joy, heartache, travel, waiting, pain, and love.  I love the summer time - now that the boys are in school it is the only time that we can travel without feeling guilty about them missing school.  So down to Virginia and over to Michigan we went.  So much fun to spend time with the grandparents and just not have to think about grown-up stuff:).  I love watching my children spend time with their cousins, or reading with Grandma.  I love sleeping in late (yes, eight is quite late for me nowadays) and not having a schedule (definitely the Zoloft talking - I used to love my schedules!).  I love to grill out every night.  We joined our local beach this year - and every day that we were home we spend building sand castles and splashing in the water.  Both of the boys learned how to swim this summer!  and hannah is getting a little more used to having water splashed in her face.  but one of the things that I hate about the beach - is the sand.  Go figure, right?  The day that we were done with the beach I spent hours vacuuming out my van - and yet every time I get in it, their is a little reminder of my summer:).
At the end of the summer (just 10 days before school started and two days before our last trip to virginia), we had to make a tough decision about where to send Noah to school.  Now, I like being in my boat.  My safe, planned out, organized, planned boat.  I am a toe dipper - it takes me hours to get into a body of water if it is not 90 degrees.  and walking on water?  no thank you.  But our God had other plans for this momma - He has such a sense of humor with me.  So, after much crying, pleading, bargaining, etc.  We pulled Noah out of the Christian school that he had been going to and he is now going to Vail Farm Elementary School.  and I am praying constantly.  So, for those of you how live close to me, if you are talking to me and I am not paying attention, it is because I am praying.  all the time.  Which - in hind sight, could be a very real reason for the change.  Another incredible thing that has come out of this is that after four years of living in NY, my kids are actually playing with our neighbors kids!!!  And I have new friends that are so close!  So, while my prayers were not answered how I would have wanted them to be - He is faithful.
Okay, this is getting long, so I will try to condense and close:).  Hannah is doing so well - her uveitis was completely healed and we were able to put off started her on chemo for a little while.  She loves being the only one at home, but no worries - she is the first one out the door when the bus pulls up.  My boys, my boys - as she goes flying down the driveway:)  Oh, I love it!
On the adoption front, it has been a very slow long summer.  Courts have been closed in Ethiopia due to the rainy season, and referrals have been few and far between.  As far as we can tell from the unofficial list, we think that we are close to 17, which is soooo much better than 50!  We have our good days and our bad days, days when we are thankful for the time, and other days when my heart aches and is impatient to hold our daughter. My life verse is Isaiah 40:31, and that is definitely applicable right now!
Okay, it is after 8, and this momma is usually in bed by now:) (I know - I am crazy!)  Hopefully I will update before two more months go by......we'll see