Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Ticking Time Bombs

Let me start by saying - if reading about vomit makes you feel like you are getting sick - don't read this.

I HATE THE STOMACH BUG!!!  (love the caps,right?).  15 days ago, Alle (our little one from ethiopia) started throwing up.  Did I mention that I hate the stomach bug?  and I desperately hate it in babies.  Of course, all they want you do is hold them, and then they really really really want you to hold them right as they are vomiting, all over you.  fun times.  this lasted for 7 days.  oh my word. laundry, and washing, and changing, and vomit.   Not only do I hate the stomach bug, but I hate wondering when they are going to throw up next, where they are going to throw up next, and who is going to throw up next.  they are like little ticking time bombs.  so, after 7 days of throwing up, and being lethargic, and no one else getting sick, I took her to the doctor.  "she's fine".  lovely - thanks for that.  (BTW - I am a nurse - which makes me the most least empathic mom ever!).  Anyways, she went two days without throwing up (friday and saturday) and then threw up on sunday.  Are you kidding me?!  then - nothing m, t, and w.  Praise the Lord!!!  Now - I had only cloroxed, lysoled, scrubbed the house three times a day for over a week, and now I am sure that the rest of my family has no natural defenses left because I killed them with chemicals:).  Oh, life was good for three days.  then Hannah started throwing up on thursday in the wee hours of the morning, and then alle joined her at 11.  really?  What is more fun than one child throwing up?  two!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!  cloroxed and lysoled again.  and again.  and then again.  So, if you ever come to my house - please excuse the chemical smell:)  the boys are still okay (as far as I know), and eric and I are fine.  What in the world.  seriously.  I HATE THE STOMACH BUG!~  oh, and did I mention that my children never get the 24 hour bug?  nope, we are special.  we always get the days into weeks bug.  love it!!!!

Did I also mention that I am going batty (honestly) because I have been living, breathing,cleaning, and dreaming about vomit for fifteen days? fifteen days.  On the bright side, my house has never been so clean.  on the not so bright side - my kids may never again eat white-colored food, because that is all I have let them eat for fifteen days.  and I am completely sure that they are tired of hearing me say "you cannot eat that because if you do, and you throw up, I am not cleaning up red vomit".  Oh yes, I know that you wish that you lived at our house.  At least for the last fifteen days.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jadon!!!!

happy birthday to our Jadon!!!  He turned 7 today, and we are so incredibly blessed to have him in our family.  He is the sweetest, kindest, most mommy-loving boy ever!!  Hope that you have a great day Jadon!!!!  We love you!!!